About Us

At Blackstone Partners Nigeria, We provide guidance to business leaders on how to conduct their business in an atmosphere of foresight instead of fear.

Our Unique Competence; What makes us, Blackstone Partners Nigeria a great Business Law Firm.

Blackstone Partners Nigeria, is primarily a business law firm. We have years of experience in business law practices in the areas of Banking and Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Corporate Investigation, Assets tracing, Receivership, Debt Recovery, Mergers and Restructuring of organizations. We provide guidance to business leaders on how to conduct their business in an atmosphere of foresight, instead of fear.

We provide advice to companies on matters of company law/Corporate governance and have facilities to provide vital company secretary ship for Nigerian companies. We also have resources that audit, current procedures against new legislative/regulatory standard and industry best practices.

We have experience on Nigerian white-collar crimes and advance fee fraud. We locate, arrange for prosecution and recover victim’s money from fraudsters. We have the competency to provide effective representation for our clients in all dealings with law enforcement agencies in Nigeria.

We continuously review new issues in Nigeria company law practice and advice our clients regularly on Compliance assessment and providing new insight into governance structure, board composition, relationship with management and external auditors.

We offer assistance to clients on Nigerian trade and fiscal policies, manufacturing policies and regulation. Joint Ventures, arbitration etc.

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Our Mission; Our Clients concern and their objectives are the foudation of our practice

In Blackstone Partners Nigeria, we understand the urgency required by clients. We operate a business model that is structured on experience, expertise, knowledge of clients’ business and a time process module within which clients problem must be added.

Our mission is to address the array of legal challenges that business persons and high net worth individuals encounter daily in achieving other business and personal goals.

Among our Associates are men and women with different talents and approaches to the law and business. They possess striking similarities, starting with the ability to see creative solutions others might miss. We are not satisfied until we have met the highest standards of legal services to you.

Our People; Our skill, judgement, creativity and our strong contact which includes important members of the business community and the public services.

Our clients have access to lawyers in any part of the world who will work under our direction to achieve our client’s desired results. We encourage client’s to seek our advice before entering into any venture in any part of the world. We will conduct due diligence on your behalf and give you a comprehensive report about persons and enterprises you are about to do business with before making any commitment.

Our professional contacts are located throughout the world either those developing infrastructure or those managing international finances, or those entering into joint venture, or those engaged in international business.

Blackstone Partners Nigeria have the understanding, capabilities and experience needed to guide clients entering the Nigerian market. We offer assistance to Clients on Nigeria trade policy. Joint ventures, arbitration, business laws and tax obligations.